Multi billion pound port opportunities announced in Mexico

by Ray Clancy on May 6, 2013

Multi billion pound port opportunities announced in Mexico

Multi billion pound port opportunities announced in Mexico

A £2.9 billion expansion of the port of Veracruz in Mexico planned for the next 10 years offers significant opportunities for British enterprises, it is claimed. The port development is descried as the largest for many years and is designed to increase the existing port capacity while meeting the new Panamax specifications for larger vessels.

This 10 year project is expected to be included in the President’s National development plan to be announced in July 2013. Veracruz port is already saturated and unable to receive larger vessels that will be using the widened Panama Canal. The development is being split into three stages and will include the building of two breakwaters, the construction of 10 new terminals, the development of 36 new berthing positions, and an increase in the port’s cargo handling capacity from 21 million tonnes to 116 million tonnes.

‘This business opportunity offers opportunities for UK companies operating in all areas associated with port construction and operation,’ said a spokesman for UK Trade and Investment which works with UK based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. Opportunities include consultancy for inception and master and impact planning as well as specialist services during the pre-construction phase including environmental seabed surveying and dredging.

Quote from : “I am involved with a Canadian business which is located in Mexico. This company provides services to people who live in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.. However product sales/services are always provided to residents or Mexico visiting tourists. This company does not import their products but utilizes Mexican companies for their production in order to keep jobs in Mexico. Is there an organization/company in Mexico which gives a seal of approval or better business rating somewhat like the BBB or other?”

Specialist consultancy and engineering expertise will be needed during the construction phase as well as the provision of specialist port operating equipment, consultancy and systems for the port operator and financing, credit insurance and insurance. The UK Trade & Investment team in Mexico City has already established a good relationship with both Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transport and Veracruz’s Integral Port Administration and is well placed to offer support to interested UK Companies.

‘Identification and relationship building with the likely Port operators and local construction companies is already in progress and will provide an effective conduit for UK Companies who have interest in this project,’ explained the spokesman. ‘This is a great opportunity to work with the UK Trade & Investment team to benefit from this venture. The UK has a sound reputation owing to involvement in earlier Port construction in Mexico,’ he added.

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