Cost of living in Mexico

Cost of living in Mexico

by moveforward on July 26, 2010

It is often difficult for people to appreciate the cost of living in Mexico due to the fact that South America has for many years had a fairly tainted reputation. This is an area of the world which many people still recognise as poverty-stricken, politically volatile and economically unstable but in many countries such as Mexico this is not the case. The development of Mexico over the last 20 years has been remarkable to say the least and living costs in Mexico do vary across the country but the standard of living, which is more important, has risen significantly of late. So what can you expect from Mexico? What kind of cost-of-living will you encounter? What are the prospects for Mexico?

Where is Mexico

Before we get into the detail regarding life in Mexico and prospects for the future, it is worth reminding ourselves exactly where Mexico is and what kind of position is has on the international stage. Mexico is in a prime position with regards to trade between North America, Central America and South America and is surrounded by the United States of America, the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is the fifth largest country in the Americas by total land mass and the 14th largest in the world. The country has a population of around 111 million and is one of the most heavily populated countries in the world with a major Hispanic population.
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